Gölcük Kocaeli Potable Water Construction

Gölcük potable water supply network which was badly damaged in the devastating Gölcük earthquake in 1999, was redesigned precisely by Nuhoğlu Construction based on the estimated population data for 2035 and was completed studiously and quickly in 2003. In this project where high quality matearials are used, modern tecniques are applied, human health is taken into consideration carefully in any respect; there are 56 cm in diameter HDPE polyethylene pipes, 135 km long distribution network and also 350 km pipe installation varies in diameter and feature. The project includes, 5 different wells and 2 dams that were used as water sources and a catchment station. Water cummulated in 5 deep wells is pumped into the reservoir via 2 grouped lifting station main which is 4.091 m long in total. To feed the network, there are two 500 m3 and one 700 m3 reservoirs. Gölcük Water Network is completely renewed with this project and also 3.400 new subscribers are connected to the network.