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Yenitepe Kadıköy

Fikirtepe to Yenitepe Urban
Transformation Project in Kadikoy

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Fikirtepe to Yenitepe Urban Transformation Project in Kadikoy, it offers a privileged life for those who want to capture the beauty of life. Yenitepe located in one of the most central locations in Kadikoy on the Anatolian side; "Yenitepe Park" and "Yenitepe Street" structure consisting of two stages including every style of home that meets social needs and expectations.

The triangular gained ground, rising to 21 storey residential block in the project evaluating the common green areas, placing different perspective of mass housing, each unit to view the spaciousness and gives uninterrupted views of the higher floors. Through the orientation for alternative housing and the distance to leave between each other, from the islands of the historical peninsula of Istanbul, housing options are obtained with different panorama. With the advantage of the city that turned its back on any point of the triangular form, the placement of mass compatible with each other, bringing together the city's skyline will take place in an aesthetic community structures.

Project 1 + 0 to 5 + 1, 67 m² ranging from 318 m², in different sizes and qualities many alternatives in one place receives 1,100 on housing and 5-storey second base, consists of 21 floors 4 towers. Base floors of offices, commercial areas opened lower floors include street. No matter what size apartments, each square meter of the built-in lockers, are designed specifically as to the bathroom from the kitchen.



Dumlupınar Mah. Yumurtacı Abdi Bey Cad.  A1 Blok 34720
Fikirtepe Kadıköy / İstanbul - Turkey

Phone: 444 4 616

Fax: +90 216 363 10 61