Roads and Intersections Projects

Nuhoğlu Construction, which turns into a milestone with every project, keeps moving forward in public highway operations providing high quality and assurance.


Mersin Highway Junctions: Starting from Adana - Erdemli highway, the project includes the Mediterranean Olympic Stadium junctions, 2 crosspoint bridges, 1 underpass bridge, 1 intersection and 11 box culverts.


Adana - Kozan Road Construction: This project will bond Adana to Kayseri through Kozan and make transportation way easier including land works between Adana - Kozan Turnout and Mansurlu 6. Zone Border, art buildings, bridge and crosspoint building and renovation construction. The project will be one of the important lanes bonding the Mediterranean to the Central Anatolia.


Horasan - Karakurt - Sarıkamış Project: The project will be one of the main arteries of Turkey opening to the Caucasus with the main junction lines from Horasan, Erzurum to Kars, Ardahan and Iğdır.


Edirnekapı - Metris Road and Infrastructure Facilities: The project includes the buildings of rain-water and wastewater infrastructures, the piping of drinking water, the displacement of electricity line, the making of the road arrangements and the renewal of the Telecom lines, sidewalks, cobblestones and welts.


Road border, pavement and infrastructure works: Nuhoğlu Construction, to built clean, contemporaneous and modern cities; carried out and put into practise road, border, pavement constructions and infrastructure projects and continues to do so. Infrastructure, border and pavement constructions of Kozyatağı, Acıbadem, Göztepe, Fenerbahçe, Koşuyolu, Suadiye and Bostancı quarters and Anatolian side pedway border and pavement constructions and repairs are some of these works.


Bağcılar Mahmut Bey Street regulation and pedestrianization: The project includes regulation and pedestrianization works on three diffrent streets of Bağcılar, installation of the existing electricity lines under the ground, pavement renewals for modernization in Bağcılar, pedestrianization on Kirazlı street by using plate stones and natural bazalt plates.


Bağcılar Mehmet Akif Boulevard: The project includes approximately 4 km and 22.000 m² pavement renewal as well as heightening of 8 km long steam partitions, making railings and arranging road level with precast and landscaping of main refuge. Çekmeköy Roads and Intersections: The project including construction of various road and links as well as junctions that Çekmeköy region needs.


Lightening of Coastal Road and parks between Kadıköy and Tuzla: The project includes 1.930 lampposts, 206 kilometres long armored underground cable, 65 kilometres long coastal road lightening by using high luminescenced lightening armatures. 88