Nuhoğlu Construction, which was founded in 1986, carries on its bussiness in real estate and construction sectors at home and abroad. Nuhoğlu Construction, the company that provides services regarding the areas such as housing, infrastructure, landscaping, educational and health projects as well featured buildings, carried out more than 100 projects which are among the symbolic buldings of Turkey.

Beside our İstanbul and Ankara branch offices, our corporation provides services abroad in Iraq, Libya, Kazakhstan along with approximately 5000 employees.

Nuhoğlu Construction, with its dynamic structure, accomplished big projects in a short span of time and became one of the most important firms of the sector, which puts into practice construction areas of 3.000.000 m2 up to now


to work for you to reach your ideals...

Parallel to the experience that we have, our expert staff, our hard-liner management philosophy of quality and innovative approaches associated with expectations and needs; to preserve to be one of the most important firms of the sector, to continue our “realible” and “high quality service” concept, to produce not standard but above-the-line projects in the future as it has been in the past.


to advance after the success...

To move on without cease and provide best solutions in all projects forever in accordance with our strong, determined proffesional institutional structure and with our “reliable” and “high quality service” concept.